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Not just websites but an Online presence That works for you

At CyberDream Developers we follow a process tailored to creating an online presence that uniquely represents each individual, business or brand we serve through Website Development, Digital Marketing and Graphics Designing.

We are committed to building an online presence that represents your unique brand and appeals to visitors. We make use of state of the art conversion optimization tools that optimize visitor to customer and return customer conversion ratio.

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Birth and inception of CyberDream Developers
-Jabez Roberts, Founder, CEO

CyberDream Developers was founded by Jabez Roberts in the year of 2019. This birth came about because of the joy I experienced while building the website for iConcept Mobile Solutions, a small business I own with my brother.

Initially, I was happy to be creating websites and enjoyed it so much that I started to spend hours each day and night building ‘model’ websites for ‘model’ businesses. Website development and design grew beyond being a means to an end and became a passion that must be enjoyed each day.

Engaging my entrepreneurial mind made me realize that there are many businesses that needed websites and my confidence in my ability led me to start thinking of how I could help even small and startup businesses with a limited budget.

Hours of research for the answer to this question gave rise to CyberDream Developers. Today, CyberDream Developers is more than a Website Development and Graphics Design agency. We are an agency that is focused on giving businesses of all sizes and budgets an online presence at an affordable rate while taking away all the stress, responsibilities and technical knowledge that comes with owning a website.

Today we are a small company that only just started a few months ago that is operating from the knowledge and experience of industry professionals with over 20 years of experience. With CyberDream Developers you and your business can have a website at an affordable rate that gives you elite online representation, a profitable means of reaching a wider range of customers, and a platform on which you can grow your business to the adapting needs of consumers and retailers in this digital era.

We are dedicated to helping even the smallest consumer get a steady footing in the internet business market while fostering growth for their business, brand, or niche.

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director, CEO

WordPress Consultant: Jabez Roberts

Jabez Roberts holds the position of Director and CEO of CyberDream Developers but takes responsibility for the design and development of all WordPress websites. He is a committed developer who strives for improvement and growth and continues to learn daily.

Jabez Roberts is determined to deliver his work on time, ahead of the pack and supersede expectations. He embraces the challenge of delivering his best work at all time that is capable of competing on a global scale and guarantee client satisfaction.

Jabez Roberts - CyberDream Developers CEO
Jabez Roberts; Manager, Developer, Marketer
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Website Development

We will build and even completely recustomise your website using WordPress. Your website will be made with the best knoweledge, expertise, and tools available to us for the best performance and results for you and your brand.

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Website Maintenance

In line with our goal of making your website as easy for you to own and profit from as possible, we will completely maintain your website so it retains its best speed, security, functionality and appearance to reduce downtime and loss of business.

website managament and visitor analysis

Website Management

We will manage your website and keep it updated with the latest news, promotions and services associated with your business. We will do everything from editing a page to upgrading and adding more key functions to make it more versatile.


Digital Marketing

We use the intricacies of presently available technologies to target visitors that are most likely to want your service through various online and offline means so that your website, business, and brand is being presented to customers and future customers 24/7 across the world.

Graphics Designing

We will professionally complete all the posters, fliers, banners, logos, photo, and video edits, and other graphic designing needs that comes with the important advertising demands that your business might meet along its path to sustained growth and profitability whether it is audio or visual.

secure and reliable website hosting

Web Hosting

We continue to research all the best web hosts and qualities in the industry. Using this information we have put together a hosting service that is committed to providing excellent uptime, speed, security and customer service with the best technologies and integrations available in the industry.

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Mission Statement

to our clients

We will be your most reliable and trusted solution to growing your business, brand or niche using the most effective and state-of-the-art methods and media available to us.

to our staff

We are committed to creating and maintaining a discrimination-free environment where people of every race, gender, religion, creed, etc can work with equal opportunity and safety.

to the Industry

We will portray and communicate all the positive aspects of each field we are associated with in Marketing, Computer Science and Technology to foster and ensure its long-term growth.

Vision Statement

We aim to be a global brand that provides first class service in the areas of  Website Development, Graphics Designing, Digital Marketing, and Web Hosting. We put and will always put our clients and their concerns first and make it our top priority to satisfy and supply their needs and services to the best of our abilities.

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