Development Process

Learn more about how we develop and deliver your project

Our Development Process

Learn more about our Development and Delivery Process and how we take you from an interested prospect to a happy client all before you get started!

Learn more about our Development and Delivery Process and how we take you from an interested prospect to a happy client all before you get started!

The Project Development Cycle

Research & Diagnosis

During this phase I will speak with you and learn more about your business, it’s goals, current standing, and major pain points. I will ask questions to uncover the truth behind what sets your business apart from the competition, who your ideal customer is why you need a website.
Some of these questions may seem boring, unorthodox, or a bit invasive. If they aren’t then it means I am not doing my job right because it is this key information that is needed to truly diagnose why you need a website and design one that appeals your ideal customer.

The Sitemap & Structure

Once Research & Diagnosis is complete we will produce a sitemap. The purpose of the sitemap is to lay out the basic structure of your website and what it is that we are trying to achieve. It gives a visual representation of these goals with regards to structure, organization, and content.

The Website Prototype Or Demo

After passing the sitemap and website structure phase we will use that  information to produce a prototype or demo to give a better, though incomplete, visual representation of what we intend to develop for you. This saves us the time of trying to explain industry terms and practices by giving you a small demo of what it is you will be getting for this project. This will be sharable and interactive and will greatly and efficiently help you understand our solution to your problems from the Research and Diagnosis phase.

The Design

During this phase we get down to the meat and potatoes of actually developing/designing a website that fits your needs and offers a reliable and unique solution to the pain points we uncovered during phase 1. This website will have the basic structure of the Sitemap from phase 2 and will be a completely interactive and functional project when compared to phase 3’s Website Protoype or Demo.

The Delivery

During this final phase we check your website for errors and functionality issues. We ensure that all the bells and whistles are connected and chiming together peacefully to ensure maximum up-time and performance of your website from minute one of deployment to your server and visitors.

Website Maintenance

This is the phase where we secure and maintain your website. We protect your website with the best Web Application Firewalls, Website Monitoring, Intrusion Detection, Hack Prevention, and other critical security features by Digital Pyxi. We also monitor your site daily for changes in speed, functionality and reliability. Your website is continually kept secure, functional, and in the best operating condition.