Digital Marketing

Why choose Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing has changed the way businesses interact with consumers in several ways. We have taken note of all the trends that have taken place in the marketing circle with regards to how consumers interact with businesses and their products and services as well as how businesses have done the same with their customers.

Now, more than ever, most business transactions have started online. As of December 31, 2018, Facebook has over 2.32 billion active monthly users. As of June 2018, Instagram has had over 1 billion active monthly users.

We will make use of the numerous digital marketing media and social media available to us to directly target the customers and clients that need your service the most. Digital Marketing is the way the world is headed as more people have abandoned the traditional daily use of the television and radio and now receive all their updates delivered directly to their mobile devices and tablets.

Why Choose CyberDream Developers

CyberDream Developers was first started online with no website. Through the use of our Instagram account at this time we have been able to develop an online presence in a short space of time. This was reflected in the number of searches our name received on Google after we joinedGoogle Business and made our name and services available there. This involved no paid advertisements.

BezTopia, a website our found built before starting CyberDream Developers, saw its visitor count increase and subscriber count increase from over 100 visits to over 5,000 visits daily with only a shoestring budget for a paid advertising campaign on Instagram.

We research, implement and continue to research the best media and practices for effective digital marketing.


Browse through our list of digital marketing services and choose one or a bundle that best serves you.
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Social Media Marketing

Target over 1 billion active monthly users with advanced metrics and split testing to get the best result for your product or service.

email marketing

Email Marketing

Keep in contact with your visitors, customers, and clients via email and start building a relationship that will form the basis for future business transactions.

Browser Push Notifications

Directly communicate with your visitors through their browser. Make use of present technologies and multiply your returns.

browser logos

Video Ads

Get custom-made, simple but effective, video advertisements to raise brand and product awareness across various media. Use them for social media or online purposes.

Sales Funnels

Create and deliver the best and most profitable shopping experience to your visitors, customers, and subscribers so they can have the best experience with you. Use cross-sells and upsells to your advantage.

shop online

Posters and Fliers

Get personalized posters and fliers about current and upcoming specials, sales, services and events for your social media accounts, website, and more.

Popups and Banners

Grab your visitors attention when they come to your website with state of the art pop-ups and banners that help to increase conversion over traditional methods.

online shopping

Landing Pages

Create a personalized landing page with your best products and services to immediately pull your subscribers to your website. Increase conversion and profits by making use of this method and our special integration designed to do just that.

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