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Google Ads

Take the top search result spots on Google
for searches related to your business and services

google Knows your customers better than you do

92.42% of global online search shares are owned by Google

It is estimated that Google processes 70,000 search queries per second. That is approximately 5.8 billion searches per day

Why we love
advertising your business with google Ads

Google is the most popular search engine with an estimated 2 trillion searches yearly. Google is the best place to meet your customers, i.e where they are ‘asking around’ for your services. Google is the best place to advertise any business, service or brand regardless of its niche.

Advertise to 90% of the Internet

The Google Display Network reaches over 90% of the internet and 2 million sites!

Advertising on Google puts your business in front of up to 3.5 billion visitors from 2 million websites, popular platforms like YouTube and Apps, as well as the top positions on the Google Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). 

Advertising with google gives you massive returns on investment

Spend where you get the best advertising results

We get the best returns on your ad spend by using Google’s analytics and reporting we determine where is the best place to put the bulk of your advertising dollars: where the highest rate of returns are!
We let your ads compete against themselves before committing your ad budget so that only the most effective ads are shown and you get the highest amount of returns possible.

Advertise to users who are searching for your products

We ask Google, not the person sitting next to us, the answer to any question we might have. It is reported that up to 97% of searchers online search for a local business and another 89% begin their purchase process with a search engine.
We use these statistics to your advantage by showing your business only to those users who are searching for your business to increase the chance of conversion – i.e when the user takes the action you want to when they visit your site such as subscribing or making a purchase.

connect with Prospects through G-Mail

We improve your reach and conversion by showing your Google Ads to customers in their Gmail accounts. 
Ads shown in G-mail are shown to get a high level of views, Click Through Rate (CTR), and conversion rate. Gmail ads are a great way to show ads to your prospects in a non-intrusive way in a location where they frequently visit for news about specials, sales, and saving opportunities from their subscriptions – their ‘Promotions’ G-Mail tab.

Google and the Google Display Network makes improving your brand awareness easier! By using Google Ads we target searchers who need to see your product or service and are looking for brands like yours. We use Google Ads to target these searchers with extensive keyword research, trend analysis, and demographics to create high-quality ads that convert for you.

Build Better brand Awareness With google ads

Powerful remarketing Tool

Google is a powerful remarketing tool that we use to instantly improve customer satisfaction and sales on your e-commerce website. Abandoned carts merchandise adds up to $4.6 trillion with an average abandonment rate of 67.91%. This is with an average conversion rate of only approximately 3% for websites where a whopping 98% of visitors will leave without buying anything!
We use Google Ads as a powerful remarketing tool to recover some of this lost revenue for your business

Rank #1 On Google Faster Than SEO

It is easier to rank for the #1 spot on the Google Search Engine Results page for keywords related to your business, products, and services. 

A high Google SERP ranking gives you higher amounts of traffic to your website, better Click Through Rate (CTR) and higher conversion rates – higher returns at a lower cost

Learn more about your visitors

We use Google to help your business learn more about its customers, visitors, and finances. Google’s advanced analytics and reports provide us with a wealth of knowledge to help grow your business and optimize its sales and marketing strategy. You can learn:

  • Cost Per Lead for your business's customer acquisition
  • Total number of sales, revenues, costs per sale, and profit for your marketing campaign
  • What age group, location, and other demographics your brand is popular with
  • Conversion rate and click through rate of your website and landing page
  • Who is visiting your website
  • Where on your website do visitors spend the most or least time
  • How long a visitor spends on your page and website

Competition Analysis

We use Google Ads you to see what strategies your competitor is using to get the best results. This allows us to better understand where your business is falling short and what you need to change to not only compete but win against your biggest business rivals. Google Ads gives you an opportunity to compete with the biggest companies in your industry and we are here to make that fight one you can win!

Our Social Media Marketing Clients Enjoy...


Our social media marketing clients enjoy special benefits that allow them to easily and quickly integrate our marketing and sales process into their business. This gives them enough time to operate their business while we take care of optimizing their marketing and sales process to help facilitate that growth.
Our social media marketing clients hold enough power to dictate the direction of our marketing strategy and just enough responsibility for meeting to evaluate the progress of our work to achieve their goals.
Our objective is to help you grow like a professional with a profitable medium without needing the knowledge, experience, and day to day immersion needed to maintain a high level of performance. To that end, our social media marketing clients enjoy peace of mind while we ensure their goals are being met.

Benefits of our Social Media Marketing service includes:

Monthly meetings between the client and his/her marketing staff and a CyberDream Developers agent is scheduled. This meeting covers the past month’s performance, planning for the coming month, any concern the client may have, and a general discussion on the marketing and economic performance.

Reports are given monthly to the client that contains key statistics that cover ad spend and performance, improvements, and changes in performance. This statistic is a central part of our monthly marketing meetings.

We create marketing campaigns that are optimized with market and customer research, keyword research. case studies, and targeting and demographics to give the best ROI for your ad spend.

We develop a Social Media Marketing Strategy that is the primary part of all our marketing efforts. This strategy outlines our objectives, budget, limits, target audience, step-by-step plan of action and a measure of success. We manage and monitor this strategy and make monthly reports on performance.

Your Key Performance Indicator (KPI) is determined, managed, and reported by our team that keeps you updated with the latest performance of your ads. We use your feedback to plan our future actions so that your business can achieve your business goals in the set time and budget.

We work together with your sales, marketing, and product development team to properly synchronize our marketing strategy with your company’s goals, vision, and latest developments.

We take care of posting content to your social media account and manage your account’s performance. This gives you time to do what you do best; run your business and interact with your online community, respond to concerns, and build a strong brand that customers resonate with.

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