Project Application

Project Application Process

1. Project Application Submission

During this phase you get the opportunity to give us a brief overview of what your project is and what results you are expecting.

2. Scope & Planning

This is where we get into the meat and potatoes of your project and outline our commitment to you. We explore the project scope, submit wire frames and a completed and slightly interactive demo.

3. Project Submission

Your project is now coming to life! We have settled on a structure, function, expectations and time frame. As your project is delivered we also continue to monitor for up to a month for any issues that will be resolved by our team

4. Maintenance

Your project is live and fully functional! Congratulations! During this phase we continue to monitor and maintain your website for peak performance, uptime, security, and functionality .

Getting Started

We must be connected

In order for us to work together we must be connected via Facebook or LinkedIn. Due to high demand and our commitment to giving our all to our clients give priority attention to our connections on LinkedIn and Facebook. If you are not connected with us then do so using one of the links provided below or by having a mutual friend introduce you.

We must be a good fit

Having online success in any shape or form takes tremendous work and dedication. We never shy away from a bit of sweat and grime if it means our clients enjoy better success. To that end, we have a list of criteria that must be met and agreed to before we agree to work with any client. This is to ensure our success working together on this project. Before you fill out and submit the form below, please ensure you meet the criteria for us to work together.

Project Application Form

project application

Thanks for submitting the project application form. You will be redirected shortly.