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Professional website developers who know how to grow your business online, attract new leads and customers, and keep your business online 24/7. Our website development team follows a proven strategy and process that reliably takes you from prospect to happy client in only a matter of weeks. Your SEO optimised website will be developed to attract new clients and achive your business goals.

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At CyberDream Developers we take a systematic approach to designing and developing your website. We believe that your website should be a place where yur visitors feel welcomed, valued, and have their questions answered. We believe that after your website has solved your visitors problems it should sell your product or service. To do this we have developed a process that gets you the best website for your ideal client, business’s problems, and goals.

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Who do we work with?

Are you ready to get started with your website from us but still not sure if we’re the right fit? We also want to save you the time, investment, and disappointment of trying to work with us if we are not a good fit. Here are some of the criteria for working with us:

You Have Clearly Defined Goals

Without goals that are clearly defined and easily understood we won't have any direction or threshold to measure our success. If you don't have a goal or are prepared to work together with us to understand and define what success looks like with realistic expectations and targets then we are not a good fit because, frankly speaking, we won't know how to help you or which direction to take you and your business.

You Dedicate Time

If we work together we will require that you are dedicated to meeting deadlines and investing the necessary and agreed time to get work done. If we see anything less than 100% of the time you agreed to commit when you are needed then we WILL FIRE YOU so we can work with a client who is ready and willing to do what's necessary to get the best results with us.

You Have A Budget

In order to undertake any meaningful project you will need to invest enough to get the job done properly. A premium solution requires premium tools and the best available workers for the job. Quality and results comes at a price. You don't need to sell an organ (please, don't) but you will need to be prepared to invest a bit so that we can allocate all the time and resources required to get you results. We don't cut corners or short-change our clients' work.

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Problems We Solve

Our websites are business assets and marketing tools that are meant to solve some of the core problems your business faces. Here re some of the problems our websites solve:

Some Problems we solve:

Benefits Our Solutions give

There are many benefits of getting your website developed by our team. These benefits extend to your business and customers too. Here are some of the benefits you might get from working with us:

Some Benefits of working with us:

Types Of Websites We Develop

There are many different types of websites that different businesses would need to solve their problems or match their business model. Here are some types of websites we develop.

Business Websites

A simple online representation of your business.

Online Courses

Setup online training and courses for students, staff, and fans. Sell your course and tak payments from your website.

E-Commerce Websites

Ability to sell products and merchandise from your website. Connect with your audience globally and sell your products online commission-free.

Social Networks

Social Networks and Company Intranets.

Enterprise Websites

Large agencies, enterprises, and more financially powerful businesses can get an Enterprise Website for their business. These websites are built with a high degree of customization, planning, and time invested to ensure that every detail of these websites represent your brand with the highest quality product that blows your competitors out of the water.

Pay for your website monthly with the

Cyber Grow Online Presence

Get an amazing website for your business without huge upfront costs. Using the Cyber Grow Online Presence you can get a professional, SEO-optimized, fully maintained website for as low as $399 per month.

Website Security Company

Digital Pyxi

Complete Website Design

This website was completely designed and developed by CyberDream Developers following a set criteria to solve specific problems Digital Pyxi had. It is maintained by CyberDream Developers.


SEO optimization makes it easier for potential clients to find Digital Pyxi through organic search. This reduces marketing cost while maintaining high online search visibility.

Built-in Lead Generation

Built-in lead generation adds to this website's ability to improve Digital Pyxi's marketing potential. Leads are nurtured into customers and helps the long-term future of the business.

Online Signup

Visitors, prospects, and clients can signup to Digital Pyxi using the online signup feature provided. This makes it easier for users to signup to Digital Pyxi and allows Digital Pyxi to get new users 24/7 from anywhere in the world without the intervention of staff.

Clothing Brand

Expressive Teez

Expressive Teez developed by CyberDream Developers
Expressive Teez developed by CyberDream Developers

Complete Website Design

This website was completely designed, developed, and maintained by CyberDream Developers following a set criteria that solved major problems Expressive Teez had. The major problem being Expressive Teez needed a website to attract, nurture, engage, and convert visitors into customers

E-Commerce Integration

E-commerce functions built in to allow selling of merchandise online to customers globally. This would be the major problem solved by the website.

Sales Funnel Integration

An integrated sales system for nurturing visitors at each stage of the buyers journey into customers. This helps to convert the 97% of website visitors and the market that are not ready to make a purchase.

Re-marketing Capabilities

Coupled with the integrated sales funnel is a function that allows Expressive Teez to show sales, specials, discount codes, and other special offers and events to visitors who have used the website and shown interest in products available for sale or special offers.

Real Estate company

KB Real Estate Co. Ltd.

KB Real Estate website developed by CyberDream Developers
KB Real Estate website developed by CyberDream Developers

Complete Website Design

This website was completely designed, developed, and maintained by CyberDream Developers to give KB Real Estate an online presence to connect with its customers and list properties for sale.


SEO optimization makes it easier for clients and potential clients to find KB Real Estate through organic search. This reduces marketing cost while maintaining high online search visibility for the business.

Built-in Lead Generation

Lead generation functionalities are added to the website to allow KB Real Estate to build a strong relationship with its visitors and subscribers.

Online Valuation Submission

Visitors, prospects, and clients can fill out a Real Estate Valuation Form using the website. This allows more clients to access the service from the comfort of their home and avoid while giving KB Real Estate the opportunity to work with clients who need assistance.

Mark Of Quality


We use the tools and knowledge passed on by professionals with over 20 years of experience in their industry. We also pride ourself on building a staff with the best talent available that conforms to our culture. This is complemented by staying up to date with the best innovatons and changes in the industry and implementing these in your site.


We offer all our services using the framework used by the top companies in the world. Our work is built to stand out in this digital era and compete on the global market, irrespective of where our client may be from. With a keen eye for detail and success, we leave nothing to chance for achieving the best result from our work.


CyberDream Developers remains true to the motto of building an online presence that is profitable and financially feasible to you. We build from the perspective of an entrepreneur, not solely from a developer’s, thus ensuring your investment is a success. We work towards keeping your costs low and your value high.

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