WordPress Website Maintenance

We ensure that your WordPress website is always live and updated, fast, secured, free of malware and SEO spam, hack-proof, and backed up in a secure, remote location. Never worry about taking care of your WordPress website because we will do it for you. We take care of your website so you have time to run your business and make more money.

Why you need

WordPress Website Maintenance

Get 24/7 security, updates, management, and monitoring of your WordPress website by professionals who understand you, your client, your business, and path to online success.

Websites are made of numerous components that carry out different functions for the total function of the website. Just like a car, these parts will need changing, maintaining and calibrating to keep the website in peak performance and security at all times. Hackers are known to analyze old code to find ways to hack updates have been released. CyberDream Developers maintenance will keep your website functioning at 100% at all times.

We Use Digital Pyxi to provide

Maximum Security for Your WordPress Website

Every WordPress website maintained by our team is given free, comprehensive Pro Security by Digital Pyxi. Your website is alwys protected from hackers, malware, infections, zero-day vulnerabilities from exploiting faulty plugins and themes, and is continuously monitored for threats and signs of vulnerability.

Click ‘Learn More’ to learn more about how Digital Pyxi protects your website and visitors from hackers, breaches, and other threats.

Learn more about how we use Digital Pyxi to keep, your brand, website, and visitors safe from malicious hands and viruses. We protect your website and your online presence so that customers feel safe with you

Digital Pyxi's Content Delivery Network gives

A 70% average Website speed increase

The websites we maintained are all added to Digital Pyxi’s Content Delivery Network (CDN). Users can expect to experience and average speed increase of 70%. Additionally, this CDN is Firewall protected, increases website availability, security, and reduces latency.

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Your website is always safe with

Secure, remote website backups

The safety of your website is always ensured with Digital Pyxi’s Website Backup & Recovery. Incremental backups of your website’s files and database are made that are stored remotely. We retain up to 3 months of website backups with quick and easy backup recovery. The chance of breach is never zero and a reliable, safe, secured website backup is your first step to recovery and biggest disaster mitigation measure in case of a website hack or loss of data.

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Website Maintenance


These are some of the features, benefits, and tools you will get when your website is maintained by CyberDream Developers.

Premium Website Security

All the websites we maintain are given complete website security with intrusion detection and monitoring.

Website cleaning

All websites maintained by us will be unlimited cleanups from hacks and malware. We will keep you protected at no extra cost.

Safe Updates

Your website will be continuously updated in a safe way to prevent breaking of the website from incompatible codes. This also improves website security.


Your website's performance will be kept in the best possible state. We will add your website to a CDN to increase speed and continuously monitor for performance changes.

24/7 Assistance

We will be your personal assistant team responsible for website security and performance. We will not only keep your site up to date but assist you with your concerns.

The 100% Path
To website Maintenance

When your WordPress website is maintained by CyberDream Developers you are automatically given acess to our 100% Path! Our 100% Path is the continued journey we take everyday to ensure that your website, online presence is always at 100%!

Your Website Functionality
Your Website Uptime
Effort We Give
Your Satisfaction

Never Worry About Your Visitors and Company

Get Professional WordPress Website Maintenance

Let us and our team take care of maintaining your website. Our team comprises of experts who are able to understand and maintain your website’s complex build. We are dedicated to taking the weight off your shoulder and ensuring that your website is in top shape at all times. We are committed to the 100% path to maintaining your WordPress website.